Members of the Basit research, including Atheer Awad, Fabrizio Fina, Sarah Trenfield, Pavanesh Patel, Alvaro Goyanes, Simon Gaisford and Abdul Basit, have been awarded the Pharmaceutics MDPI Best Paper Award for 2021 for their work titled “3D Printed Pellets (Miniprintlets): A Novel, Multi-Drug, Controlled Release Platform Technology”.

This award is presented annually by the MDPI Pharmaceutics journal, wherein one research article and one review article are selected based on their originality and novelty, citation and download rate in the past year, and data source analytics.

The award winning research paper describes the preparation of small, intricate multiparticulate systems, termed miniprintlets, using selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing. Due to the flexibility and layered approach of this production method, these miniprintlets could be used as a universal platform for mono- or multi-drug therapy, enhancing the efficiency of treatments and improving patient outcomes.

For more information, read the award winning paper here: