Anna, a second year PhD student in the group, travelled to Paris mid-May 2023 for a week as part of a collaboration with Institut Gustave Roussy. The hospital, which is the top research cancer hospital in Europe and amongst the leading specialised hospitals in the world, has a pharmaceutical 3D printer and are actively researching its clinical implementation for oncology treatments. Anna has said that it was a fantastic and rewarding experience to be able to carry out part of the project at Institut Gustave Roussy whilst working with the team there. Moreover, seeing the M3DIMAKER2® (pharmaceutical 3D printer) in a clinical environment and learning about the on-going and future research projects for 3D printed, personalised oncology therapies taking place at the hospital was very impactful. Anna thanks her supervisors, the Basit Research Group, and the team at Institut Gustave Roussy for facilitating and supporting this collaboration.