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16 July 2019

A leading research group from UCL School of Pharmacy has been recognised for their innovative research in drug delivery.


Professor Abdul Basit’s Research Group, based at the UCL School of Pharmacy, is the latest recipient of the prestigious APS Innovative Science 2019 award (sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline). The award is presented annually to cutting-edge, innovative and translational research within the pharmaceutical sciences.

Professor Basit’s research sits at the interface between pharmaceutical science and gastroenterology, and is focused on forging links between basic science and clinical outcomes. His research spans the intestinal delivery of chemical and biological therapeutics, the impact of sex on drug and excipient behaviour, the role of the microbiome in health and disease, and the development of modern pharmaceutical manufacturing techniques using three-dimensional (3D) printing.

The group’s translational research efforts have led to the development and commercialisation of a high dose (1600mg) mesalazine formulation which guarantees targeted drug release in the colon to revolutionise treatment for inflammatory bowel disease sufferers across the world.

Abdul has been invited to present the group’s exciting developments, and receive the Innovative Science Award, at the APS PharmSci 2019 Conference.

Professor Basit comments: ‘I am truly humbled to have received this award from the APS on behalf of my research group. My team member’s continual enthusiasm for science and passion to make a difference has enabled us to undertake truly cutting-edge and translational research. I look forward to our future innovations and developments to improve patient care around the world.’

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