Congratulations to Profs Abdul Basit and Simon Gaisford, Drs Atheer Awad, Alvaro Goyanes and Moe Elbadawi and former members, Drs Fabrizio Fina and Sarah Trenfield on being recognised in the world’s top 2% most influential scientists from all research areas.

This list, compiled using Scopus citation information, is largely considered to be the most prestigious of its type. The Stanford ranking is based on a composite citation index (c) that excludes self-citations and considers the position of researchers in the authorship of papers, with emphasis on single, first and last authorship. The same index including self-citations is provided for comparison. The c-scores are calculated for the period 1996-2022 (career) and also for the year 2022 alone (single year).

The full list of scientists can be found here: